NERTUS is in the news

Many thanks to Janina Fortenbacher and the BADISCHES TAGBLATT for this article in which we discussed NERTUS's nomination for the Karlsruhe NEO2020 innovation prize. In this article we also talked through the importance of creating an alternative, sustainable protein supply. As the world's population grows, resources are ever more scarce. NERTUS new decentralized insect farming solution aims at making the global food system more efficient by transforming feed by-products into high quality, insect based proteins and oils.

First Good News Released!

Great news, for our first news release, NERTUS is happy to announce that our CEO and co-founder Leo Flohr has been nominated to be one of the 6 final contenders of the NEO2020 competition organized by TechnologieRegion Karlsruhe! 


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